Web Design Course

Small companies can now  fairly compete with large corporations.  Small businesses are now doing thousands of dollars business  each year with their own website, products and services.  Your potential customers first impression of your business will  determine a sale.  If you don’t have a official website – the perceived value of your products will be low.  No matter what products or services you may be offering, your website will literally determine their value

Date     :  to be advise
Venue  :  14 Jalan Selamat, (10 mins from Kembangan MRT), S418534
Time     :  9am-6pm
Duration: 16 hours
Days     : 2 days
Tel         :  9655 0159
Email     :  mohd_iqbal@muhammadiyah.org.sg
Website :  www. bizsg.net
Fees        :  $399 .

Course Description

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some website design experience, this web design course will teach you
  • a Step by Step approach on How to Create a Website.
  • to get your website online as quickly as possible-
  • to also  assist you in graphic design, marketing and promoting your website.
  • how to plan, design, build and market your own website.

By simply learning how to create a professional website, you will
  • significantly increase your business customer traffic,
  • significantly increase your product’s perceived value,
  • significantly increase your sales and
  • thus significantly increase your bank account.

Your Success Depends on your business having a Website
Your website is your storefront and can mean the difference between your success and failure.
We will take you step by step through the entire process … with complete, practical hands on instructions.

Program Outline:

  • At the end of the 16 hours session you will be able to
    • ·          create your own website in a non technical way
    • ·          choose the themes and templates for your website
    • ·          create your own name or business blog account (*)
    • ·          have own hosting account
    • ·          publish your website to the world
    • ·          upload contents to your website.n
    • ·          uploads photos to your website
    • ·          upload videos to your website
    • ·          learn to create graphics
    • ·          learn to create a online-payment-method
    • ·          learn to create an online-shop
    • ·          learn to backup your files simply and automatically
    • ·          learn troubleshooting
    • ·          promote your website
    • ·          create a blogging platform
    • ·          learn how to blog
    • ·          learn the relationship about search engines and blogging
    • ·          learn how to drive traffic to your website
    • ·          learn how to link your blog to your social media
    • ·          learn how to capitalize on social media for your blog
    •          learn to create more than one website or blog
Course Material
Emulate examples of successful businesses
Brainstorming Discussion.
Who Must Attend
Self Employed ( including Business Owners, Property Agents, Insurance Agents, Makan Stall and anybody who wants to improve their business)
Part Time/Home based Business Owners


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