Basic Computer & Internet Course

Basic Computer & Internet Course

Computer literacy refers to the ability to use computer programs in an effective and comfortable manner.  In most places of business, computer using is a basic tool to use.  Computer literacy is considered to be a very important skill to possess in developed countries.
Computers are use to
  • look up your account information in the banks
  • assess your car in the auto repair shop
  • find books in the library by a computerized database
  •  store patient information in hospitals
  •  conduct research on industry or company trends, regulations or news
  •  run a cash register or
  •  complete etraining before starting work.
 Being a computer literate, will help you get a job and help you to advance your career.
You just need to know some basics — how to save and open a file, how to use a word processing program, and how to send and receive email — for starters.
Computer knowledge means that you can communicate with others using multimedia, such as sound or video presentations, especially during speeches. If you have a job that requires you to travel, it is important for you to know how to use a computer because you likely will need to use a computer to communicate with others from another location.
If you have certain computer knowledge,
-you may get promoted to a higher position within your workplace,
– help you get a better job more quickly.
– allows you to get work done in a more organized, efficient and timely manner

Computers feature programs such spreadsheet, word-processing or presentation programs  helps you to organize your thoughts.
Using computer to access the Internet – offers different possibilities for you to communicate with coworkers or supervisors via instant messaging programs, social media websites or email to communicate about work-related topics. When you use email or social media websites, such as Twitter or Facebook, you are able to leave messages for others to view at a later time and can email messages or documents to large groups of people.
This course is divided into four separate modules – covering two days.  We provide  a short, easy-to-learn and absorb  methods….

  • Computer Skills ( hardwares-mouse-keyboard – typing)Word Processing Skills and (basic format)
  • Web Skills.(browsers, search engines, social media)
  • E-Mail Skills ( gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail etc)
  • netiquette
Each module is self-paced and includes practical exercises -so you can check how much you have learned.
    •  to give a solid foundation.
    • clear understanding
    • expand  future knowledge and skill with computers and Internet.  
  • FOR WHOM:  Completely Zero knowledge in computers & internet and the ability to use the keyboard and mouse functions.  FOR ALL AGES!
  • Course Contents:   What You will learn:

  • COMPUTER LITERACY-mastering the basic skills
    Understanding different hardwares
    The correct use of the mouse
    Keyboard and typing tips
    Opening and closing software files
    Accessing a CD-ROM
    How to save file
    How to locate saved file
    How to copy and paste files or text
    Scan photos or documents to computer
    How to print
    Practical Exercises on various topics
    Browsing and surfing the Internet
    Understanding browsers viz Internet explorer, Firefox, Safarii
    Search Engine – google , yahoo, bing,
    Open an Email account
    Understand Simple Internet Terms
    Open account in various Social Networking and Media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc
    Be a responsible netizens and practice netiquette
    Course medium : English and Malay
    Trainer Student Ratio: 1: 15
    Assessment:  Questions and Answers session, exercises will gauge trainee understanding of the topics
    Certificate of  Accomplishment  will be issued
    Learning Outcomes
    At the end of the course students will be able to correctly, effectively and confidently do the following:
    Switching On and Shutting down computers
    Use the mouse & computer keyboard
    Able to use word processing softwares
    Able to surf the internet
    Able to use search engine
    Able to create their own email
    Able to open and use accounts in social media
    Be a responsible netizens and practice netiquette
    Time Duration:  16 hours
    2 days (9am-6pm)
    VENUE:  Muhammadiyah Association
    14 Jalan Selamat, Singapore 418534.
    HOTLINE: 9655 0159
    Fees: $197.00

    Course Material
    Handson & Practical Application
    Who Must Attend:
    zero knowledge individual
    This programme will be conducted by:
    Mohammed Iqbal Maricar. A WSQ-certified ACTA trainer. He holds a Diploma in Interactive Media and is actively pursuing a Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (DACE). He trains in Muhammadiyah, Mendaki, JBS, SSA and various other business schools. His Area of Specialty is Microsoft Office, eBay, Internet & Social Media and Affiliate Marketing, Web Designing and Graphic Designing. Iqbal is an approachable, patient and gentle trainer that immediately bonds with his trainees.

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