Social Media Introduction Course

Social Media Introduction

Humans are social creatures.  It means having friends, living in groups, relying on each other, forming societies and social systems to live together and for survival and to share knowledge and technology for future generations.   Our social creature instincts tell us to have a family, form mutual obligations and & to reproduce.
Thus our lives depend on other humans.  We develop and learn about the world around us through other people, through social networking. Our connections to others are key for our survival, happiness and the success of our careers.
In this modern world to grow our social network successfully and speedily ,especially career inclined benefit, social life and business  is to join a or several social media websites.
The more social media websites we joined the better it is for our advancement in life.  It is how we select and utilize the networking qualities  of the social media to gain the greatest value.

Course Description:
  • Our course will share with you how to get into the flow of the social media interactions with people. To create, share, exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks which will benefit you in everyday life.
  • We will touch on the most-used social media platform in Singapore namely, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn,  Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs and google plus
  •  Duration :  3 Hours
  • Day :  To be advised
  • Time :  To be advised
  • Application Begin :   Registration is now open

 Learning Outcome:
In this 3 hour  programme, participants will learn about:
  • The suitable social media platforms for their business/social success
  • Learn to create accounts correctly.
  • How to use social media effectively as to achieve the desired results.
  • Study, follow , emulate and adapt  to successful companies for  your business and social life..

 Programme Outline
  • Overview of the most active Social Media in Singapore namely,
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
  • Create accounts and using the correct name for Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn the Social Media features & their importance for business & social.
  • Using the right graphics or images for your Social Media platform
  • Successful businesses using the Social Media platform actively.
  • How to build a list of  potential customers..
Course Material
Brainstorm your social media strategies

Who Should Attend
  • Property Agent
  • Insurance Agent
  • Retailers
  • Students
  • and any businesses who wish to improve their sales & profit 

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